Pine Log Labs provides media-on-map integration services for websites, featuring the Hear Here TM website audio mixer and browser-side media manager.

Ears On The Ground + Media On The Map

Your avatar ears are embedded with performers on a map.

Two Demos

Four Demos

String Quintet: Mozart, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

House of the Rising Sun

Browse among several movies.

An Oboe plays pitches.

Yellowstone: Birds, frogs, geysers, singing around the campfire...

Musical Tones

The Grand Scheme of Things
Desktop graphics systems (2017) lie somewhere along the path from primitive computer graphics to the holodeck of Star Trek, where the modeled seems real. Our web browsing experience will become more like the holodeck over time. It's an easy convergence to expect since our own nervous systems are adapted to interact with the everyday 3D world we perceive.

And where are we now? The eyes have it, mostly in 2D. The ears, boo hoo, have little to do besides hear pre-mixed music and podcasts.

Picture yourself walking through a hilly wooded area... suddenly you hear an explosion and you look immediately toward the source.

What just happened? Your stereo ears on your moving head support your brain's situational awareness of your surroundings, a gestalt, even as your stereo eyes provide extremely detailed spatial resolution for a limited area of focus. In the event, your ears let your brain know where to point your eyes, and it all happened automatically.

When we work with computers (2017) we use our visual senses almost exclusively. Oh, we use ears to listen to pre-mixed tunes played by the computer, just as we listen to the radio or an mp3 player, but we don't need a computer to listen to a song that way. We have alerts as beeps; but computer-generated sounds are not generally intended to help the user orient herself spatially. Real life suggests that will be a useful capability.

Gamers, as usual, have all the fun first as new technologies emerge, and multiuser games sometimes cook local audio per user. But with the exception of multiuser gaming, live mixing of neighborhood audio is not part of our experience when using a computer. For modern websites at least it doesn't have to be this way. The media handling tools from Pine Log Labs make it easy to bring neighborhood audio to websites.

We view the live audio capabilities shown in the demos as providing a 2D audio slice of virtual reality - using gear at hand. These capabilities can take us a step along a story arc that helps us reach the holodeck.